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Great Teacher Onizuka ( Complete ) ( Dual Audio )

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Great Teacher Onizuka ( Complete ) ( Dual Audio )

Post  foronum on Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:29 pm

Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher. He learns of the power and respect possible as an intern teacher, using his strength and connections to get his students to respect him. Now, graduated, he gets a job at a prestigious private school to handle their 'problem class' that made the past few teachers quit. He must handle a different sort of trouble when the trouble makers include some of the smartest kids in Japan who prefer a more cerebral approach to torturing their teacher. Onizuka must slowly win his students over and deal with their mistrust of teachers while handling the distrust of his fellow teachers.

Alternative title:
El Gran Profesor Onizuka (Spanish)
Крутой учитель Онизука (Russian)
المعلم العظيم أونيزوكا (Arabic)
グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ (Japanese)
반항하지마 (Korean)

Genres: action, comedy, drama, slice of life
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Type: OGM
Language: Japanese, English, English Subs
Fansub Group: [a4e]
Total Number of Episodes: 43/Complete

Links are interchangeable


*klik spoler tuk dapatkan linknya.

Spoiler: Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part01.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part02.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part03.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part04.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part05.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part06.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part07.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part08.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part09.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part10.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part11.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part12.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part13.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part14.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part15.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part16.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part17.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part18.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part19.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part20.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part21.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part22.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part23.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part24.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part25.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part26.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part27.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part28.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part29.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part30.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part31.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part32.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part33.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part34.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part35.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part36.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part37.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part38.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part39.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part40.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part41.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part42.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part43.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part44.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part45.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part46.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part47.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part48.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part49.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part50.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part51.rar Great_Teacher_Onizuka_Dual_Audio_tehPARADOX.COM.part52.rar



Episode 1: WCS2I3FH
Episode 2: UULSM4IT
Episode 3: FS1I59BR
Episode 4: D46TG7UO
Episode 5: 86X07A89
Episode 6: 3FSNNNA1
Episode 7: C4YOLVZW
Episode 8: S89NJDGE
Episode 9: 2N41YY3L
Episode 10: FQR7J1ON
Episode 11: UXV9NQCW
Episode 12: Z4XH3YOF
Episode 13: Q4TCTNL0
Episode 14: ALZZL8NM
Episode 15: EX58RYJA
Episode 16: 0NDNQJXA
Episode 17: DQG7S8YB
Episode 18: M92CPELU
Episode 19: HSASPOI8
Episode 20: H9LN8OXU
Episode 21: LLLJ6HII
Episode 22: P4GH336J
Episode 23: AUSS921T
Episode 24: 29HHDMEB
Episode 25: REX5DYLS
Episode 26: 4UIQZSVE
Episode 27: T6G4SWRJ
Episode 28: 71S1P1TZ
Episode 29: 3WJRG692
Episode 30: NE05TW6L
Episode 31: 5CEKSXVE
Episode 32: X2GA0JJA
Episode 33: P21BMYNA
Episode 34: UIJPMQM2
Episode 35: JKNIA4H0
Episode 36: ZOZCXZ6W
Episode 37: UQRJWWAN
Episode 38: II0CWNO4
Episode 39: V4DDJ27M
Episode 40: 2NB5CU4J
Episode 41: UTGJY0ZQ
Episode 42: R1E42SUO
Episode 43: VQ69VKFO
Episode 44: 3QSLJD5T
Episode 45: QGXOUYET
Episode 46: DCBCH0IN
Episode 47: EP4Y7LJ3
Episode 48: KTEKQZL4
Episode 49: F1H18RAK
Episode 50: 2E1NSF49
Episode 51: ZS6SRE9E
Episode 52: 2NW8GTJ2


ade masalah extract ? cube download file tu balik tanpa download manager ( kalau boleh ! ) dan kadang2 cube download balik part tu sebelum dan selepas boleh mengatasi isu anda. xD

terima kasih jangan lupe. ^^

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